Fine and Decorative Afghan Powder Flask

Afghan Powder Flask

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Origin: Afghanistan

Date: Late 19C.

Afghan powder flasks are of quite common shape and construction: A wood bottle shaped flask covered with leather and set with a metal nozzle at the top and a stopper at the bottom of the nozzle. The common flasks are simple and without decoration.

Some however are of much better aesthetic values like the one shown here. Decorated with steel nails and pierced and sawn steel plaques .

It should be noted that the pierced and sawn steel plate is a very old Persian decoration technique. it is employed on many metal (mostly steel) artifacts from as early as the 14 C. The piercing and sawing decoration on this flask is very much a Persian influence or made by a Persian artesian.

Dimensions: 8 X 9 1/2 inches. Very good condition. Minor losses to the leather. The leather cover on the back side is a later replacement


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