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Fine and Complete Kilij / Pala Sword with Pattern Welded Blade

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: 19 C.


The Kilij is the traditional saber of the Ottomans. It was in use from the early 17 C. during more than 300 years well into the 20th C. The shorter version with deeply curved wide blade and ‘T’ spine, sometime known as Pala, is a later version and appeared in the mid 18 Century.

The Pala offered here is exceptional in quality and condition. The blade is very well forged, high contrast pattern on both faces of the entire blade. Deep curvature and long yelmen. The gold inlay decoration and inscription in Arabic letters read:

ما شاء الله     يا الله     يا فتاح. Mashallah. Oh God, Oh Phatah

نصر من الله وفتح قريب وبشر المؤمنين توكلت على الله Victory from God and conquest is near. I trust God.  (Free translation).

Horn grips , brass cross guard and brass grip strap. Original scabbard with original black leather cover with spiral stitching. Large brass locket and chape and side rings loops.

Blade 27 inches (68 cm) long. Total length 33 1/2 inches (85 cm). Very good plus condition. Old age cracks on the grip but holds firmly. Authentic and complete 19C. Kilij saber

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