Fine and Complete Khyber Sword in Semi Mil. Scabbard

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Origin: Afghanistan / India

Date: 19 C.


The sword known as “Khayber Sword” is named after the famous mountain pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Though it is found all around: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and also the bordering countries of Central Asia. The Khayber sword comes in different sizes, from large knife size to huge 40 plus inches blades. Very similar shape to all: Single edged with heavy triangular blade and strong  T spine. The grips will come with a variety of materials. Mostly wood, horn, bone, ivory or jade.

The very  Good  exemplar of a long Khyber sword offered here is coming from North India, The heavy blade  is  of classical triangular shape with a strong T spine. Faceted steel bolsters and steel grip strap. I grips. Original wood scabbard  covered with brown leather. Steel locket and chape and a central steel band with a steel hanging ring, all looks a military style

Blade length 23 inches (59 cm). Total length 30 inches (76 cm). Next to mint condition. Complete original and authentic 19 C. sword.



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