Fine 19C. Indian Khanjar with a Parrot Head Handle

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Origin: North India

Date: Early - Mid 19 C.


Indian daggers with curved double edged blades and reinforced edges are common to North India in the late 18 and in the 19 C.  These daggers are Generally referred to as “Khanjar”. Khanjar  is commonly used these days  to described such daggers all over of the eastern world. It is sometimes also referred to as Jambiya.

The fine Khanjar  dagger offered here is a good exemplar of the style.  Very Good watered steel blade with a central rib and enhanced edges. Gilded steel handle with the pommel shaped like a parrot head with red stones set i its eyes. leather covered scabbard with a pierced brass chape (later). Early – mid 19 C.

 Blade 8 1/2  inches. Total 15. Very good condition.  Early small solder repair at the neck of the parrot head.



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