Fine 18C. Indian Khanjar Dagger

Indian Khanjar Dagger

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Origin: Centarl India

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.


Persian daggers influenced the Indian weaponry mostly in the appearance of a curved double edged blades. Generally referred to Kahnjar but sometimes also referred to as Jambiya.

This Khanjar dagger is a good example of this influence. Comung from Central India, whole steel construction. Fine watered steel blade with a central rib, enhanced edges and thickened tip. The top of the blade is inlaid in gold koftgari work on both faces. Steel handle with raised inscriptions in Arabic letters also inlaid in gold koftgari work.

Blade 11 inches. Total 15 1/2. Very good condition to age. Minor losses to the gold koftgari work. No scabbard.



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