Fine 18 C. Enameled Shamshir Sword from Lucknow, India

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Origin: Lu

Date: 18 C.


Lucknow is the capital and largest city of Utter Pradesh in India. For centuries Lucknow has been famous for its various handicraft works. The Nawabs of Awadh who ruled Lucknow in the 18 and 19 C. were regarded as members of the nobility of the greater Mughal Empire and were great patrons of fine arts. Very well known are the colorful enameled silver works, a form  of art flourished in Lucknow under the Nawabs of Awadh.

The Shamshir saber offered here is a classical exemplar of enameled silver work from Lucknow. The blade is highly polished crucible steel (watered steel, wootz) with traces of inscription. The I grips are carved in a classical Persian style. The silver cross guard with rams head terminals and the scabbard belt rings are heavy silver enameled in shining blue and green and red enamel work depict birds and flowers. The ram head pommel is heavy silver without enamel work. The scabbard is wood painted black (probably later).

Blade 33 inches (84 cm). Total length 39 inches (99 cm).  Very good condition. The enameling is  almost complete to more than 90 %. Fine and rare 18 C. piece of art.

For a similar enameled saber see: The  Metropolitan Museum of Arts  Accession Number: 36.25.1302a, b

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