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Exceptional Kubachi Qama / Kindjal Dagger Dagestan

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Origin: Kubachi, Dagestan

Date: Early 20C.


Kubachi is small ancient settlement in the republic of Dagestan, which is situated on the southern border of Russia, in the Caucasus mountains. The area is rich in silver which was mined since early Greek times, hence the art of silversmith was developed and perfected in Kubachi. Especially known in Kubachi silver work is the art of producing and decorating arms and armor. Kubachi artisans have created sword and daggers for Russian nobility as well as to foreign rulers and high standing personalities, Kubachi made arms and armor are exhibited in the major world museums.

Qamas and Kindjals made in Kubachi, Degastan are famous for their very decorative values and especially known for the rich gold and silver inlay work. The Kindjal shown here is a good example for this work. A blade with a classical offset  deep fullers on both faces. Steel handle and scabbard richly inlaid with dense gold and silver work.

Blade 13 1/2  unches long. Total length 19 inches. perfect, next  to mint condition. Handle and scabbard is richly inlaid with dense gold and silver work on both faces

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