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Early Unusual Sulu Kris Sword

Sulu Kris Sword

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Origin: Sulu, Philippines

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.


The outstanding feature of this kris sword is the blade shape, narrow at the upper part and widen toward the tip which is non symmetrical. Also the handle shape differ from the common Filipino krises.

Several suggestions as to the origin of this sword were made: Mindanao, Sulu even Bugis. P. Holstein (see below) show a fine kris with the same blade features and attribute it to Sulu, with a provenance to Sulu sultanate.

The massive blade is non-symmetrical with two fullers. Separate Ganja and steel clamp. Polished wood grip with good age patina and steel collar. The sword show some use. The blade is slightly pitted but very shallow. Blade 22 inches, total length 27 inches. Late 18 – early 19th C. An impressive sword.

See: P. Holstein, Contribution √† l’√©tude des armes Orientales. Inde et Archipel Malais, vol. II, pl. XLVII, item 97


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