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Early Turkish Qama Dagger with Twisted Steel Blade

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Origin: Turkey

Date: Mid 19 C. or earlier


Early Turkish Qama daggers are characterized by a massive blade deeply fullered, usually with the blade forged from twisted steel core bound by high carbon steel edges. The blade is commonly polished and only the fullers are etched to expose the twisted steel construction. Guard and pommel of the hilt are of somewhat square style.

The Qama offered here is of this classical style. The blade is deeply fullered. It is forged from twisted steel core forge welded to high carbon steel edges. The steel construction is clearly seen in the fullers but also a small area at the top of the blade was left etched to expose the steel pattern. The blade is deeply signed with a maker mark on both faces. One of the marks on each side is  inlaid with gold. The grip is heavy black horn with nielloed silver mounts on the pommel and the cross guard. The (later) scabbard is leather covered mounted with steel locket  and belt carrying band pierced steel chape.

Blade length 14 inches (36 cm). Total length 21 1/2 inches (55 cm). Good condition to age. Very minor pitted spots on the blade and traces of sharpening scratches. Old period repair of the silver mount of the cross guard.   Later scabbard mounts and cover.

Authentic and rare early Qama. Mid 19 C. or earlier.



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