Early Sword with Silver “Makara” Handle, India

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Origin: South India

Date: 18 C.


The “Makara” is a legendary sea-creature in the Hindu mythology. Its image commonly appears in architectural elements all over the Indian sub continent as well as in the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka, Tibet and Nepal. It is also seen on Jewelry elements from the region.

The sword offered is mounted with  a silver hilt with a “Makara” head pommel.  It is 18 C. or earlier, from Central or South India. The blade is of common shamshir shape. most probably forged from wootz (Damascus, watered) steel, not visible under the heavy age patina, which we are reluctant to remove. The handle is heavy solid  silver

Blade 32 inches long with a 3 inches ricasso.  Total length 37 inches. Very good condition to age. Heavy almost shiny black age patina, with shallow pitting on one face of the blade. Very good untouched age patina on the silver handle.

Provenance: The collection of Jacques Desenfans, sold in Bonhams, April 2008


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