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Early Fijian Ulu Throwing Club

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Origin: Fiji Island

Date: Late 19 - early 20C.

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The Ulu (Ula) is a throwing club from the Fiji Islands. Also known as I Ula Tavatava.  This name refers to the club with the lobbed head, to differ from I Ula Drisia which refers to the club with the ball shaped head. The Ula is carved from the stem and bulbous taproot of a local extremely hard bush.

The Ula club offered here is an early exemplar, with the  ribbed head all around.

Head diameter is  3 1/2 inches. Total length 14 inches. Good condition to age. Good shining age patina. Several old  cracks and old wood chips

See also:

L. A. D. Montague, “Weapons and Implements of Savage Races” 1921 Pages 86-88

Anthony JP Meyer “Oceanic Art”  page 471 Fig 543

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