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Early Dah Dagger/Knife from the Shan states Burma/Laos

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Origin: Burma/Laos

Date: Early 19 C.


Shan people from the borders od Burma Laos and Thailand rehighly superstitious people and their world is full of demons monsters and other bad creatures. This faith is highly reflected in the handles of swords and daggers which are rich with  carved images of mythological creatures.

These Dah knives are known as Dah Hmyaung and the beautifully carved bone and ivory handles rep[resent the whole demonic world.

The  beautiful Dah Hmyaung knife offered here is carved with demon figure handle, silver collar and silver covered scabbard. Blade is single edged. The knife comes with the original cotton thread binding the scabbard.

Blade length 9 inches (23 cm). Total length 16 inches (41 cm). Very good condition. Early 19 C.  Rare and much sought after knife.

For further details of this class of knives /daggers see: Robert Hales : “Islamic and oriental Arms and Armor” Pages 148-153



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