Early and Rare 18 C. Sword from South India

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Origin: South India

Date: early 18 or earlier


These early swords are coming from South India. Some time appears as ceremonial swords also known as Nayar (Or Nair) temple sword. The earlier exemplar like the one offered here are actual fighting swords

Blade of very good quality, rather flexible with flared tip. Bronze handle with the guard  cast in one piece with very long langets  that holds the blade tightly. Several stages of  cylindrical bronze grip with a ribbed bronze pommel.

Blade 27 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide. Total length 34 1/2 inches. very good condition to age. Un touched nicely patinated blade.

Similar swords are discussed in R. Elgood work “Hindu Arms and Ritual, pages 79 and on


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