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Early 19 C. Long Turkish Miquelet Gun (Shishana)

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Origin: Turkey

Date: Early 19 C.


The Miquelet lock originated in Italy was a bit prior to the later very common flintlock. It is characterized by the compact square construction and  external heavy main spring. The Turkish armies were originally equipped with matchlock muskets, which were replaced in the late seventeenth century with a miquelet lock.    These long guns are also as SHISHANA.

The Shishina gun offered here is a late example of a traditional gun. Long and heavy rifled octagonal steel barrel with a folding long range rear sight. The barrel is decorated with several brass strips and  held by numerous brass bands. The Miquelet lock is in working order. The wood but is of hexagonal cross cut, decorated with inserts of brass rondels  and bone plaques. The “ball” trigger is without a trigger-guard.

Barrel 38   inches. Total length  52 Inches. Very good condition. Few brass rondels are missing. No Ram rod.

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