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Double Set of Yemenite Jambiya and Shafra Knife

Shafra and Jambiya set

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Origin: South Yemen

Date: Late 19C.

The Shafra is a utility knife common to many areas of Arabia. It is found as a stand alone knife with or without a scabbard, or (mainly in Oman) in a compartment on the back of the Khanjar. It is characterized by the down curving blade with a thickened spine and usually a silver handle. In rare cases it is attached to a Jambiya dagger in a double compartment scabbard.

Here is such an example. a fine set of a Yemenite Jambiya dagger and Shafra knife. The set is housed in a triple compartment scabbard including also a steel pike. Very well forged blades. Black horn handle for the Jambiya with silver mounts and a “Mosque” shaped pommel. Silver handle for the shafra knife. Blades 8 and 7 1/2 inches. Total length 14 inches. Very good condition. Very minor loss to the scabbard tip. Very rare to find this set of knives in one scabbard.


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