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Dojani Style Khanjar, Saudi Arabia / Oman

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Origin: Saudi Arabia / Oman

Date: Second half of the 20 C.

Dojani style khanjars are so called after the famous maker from Al Hasa region in South East Saudi Arabia bordering Oman.Also, sevaral other local makers in the region are known to produce similar style khanjars. This style of khanjars are characterized by deeply curved L shaped seven rings scabbard covered with dense weave of plain and twisted silver wires. These khanjars are very popular in the region as well as neighboring Oman are being produced well into the 20th C. for the Saudi and the Omani markets.

The Dojani khanjar offered here is rather late, second half of the 20 C. but a good and complete representative of the style. Classical blade with central rib, Bakelite (Or a similar thermo-set material) handle set with silver mounts as well as the scabbard mounts with tightly   weaved silver wires on the scabbard. Original leather back cover. The back side of the scabbard tip is chased with inscription in Arabic that reads:  صناعات الفردوس , احراليامي and جهاد

Blade 6  inches (15 cm) long. Total length 11 inches (28 cm). Very good condition.

For detailed discussion of this style of Khanjar see: 19th Century Omani Khanjar? – Ethnographic Arms & Armour (vikingsword.com)
See also: Stephen Gracie “Jambiya Daggers from the Ancient Souqs of Yemen” page 166


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