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Dao Chopper of the Naga People, Assam

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Origin: Assam

Date: mid - late 19 C.


The Naga people of the Nagaland inhabiting the far North Eastern corner of Assam, on the border of India and Mianmar (Burma). It consist of several tribes. Their Dao choppers are used for warfare as well as for wood working and agricultural uses.

The chopper offered here is most probably coming from the Konyak  Naga people. Beveled sharpened heavy blade. Wood  haft bound with tight rattan strips and with steel collar. The haft top is decorated with tufts of red and black hair.

Blade 9 1/2  inches long 4 inches  wide. Total length 28 inches. Very good condition. Good age patina on the Bamboo haft and the rattan binding. Blackened areas on the blade but no pitting.

Authentic, late 19 C. Chopper

 See also: Julian Jacobs, The Nagas, Hill people of North East India,  Page 246.


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