17 C. Chillanum style Dagger

17 C. Indian Dagger

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Origin: Deccan, India

Date: 17th Century

Very early and rare form of Indian Dagger with a re-curving blade reminding the blade of a Chillanum or a Khanjarli daggers. Although the blade is double curved, the grip shape is very different. Several similar daggers were seen on the market.

The one exhibited here has a heavy re-curving blade with a central rib and shallow fullers. Grip carved from a massive piece of hippopotamus tusk with a flat back and central baluster. Steel collar.

Blade 10 ½ inches long Total length l6 1/2 inches. Very good condition. Deep orange age patina on the grip. Nicely patinated blade .

A note on the Hippo tusk: It is characterized by the line of “dots”, indicating the border between two sectors of the tusk.

For a dagger with a similar blade and handle see: Robert Hales “Islamic Arms and Armor” p. 59 Fig 121


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