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Caucasian Cherkeska Coat Adorned with Kindjal and Gazyrs.

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Origin: Caucasus

Date: Early - Mid 20C.


The Cherkeska – a woven coat is part of the traditional male dress widely used among many nations of  the Caucasus from 8th until the early 20th century, Actually the correct name in the Caucasus is Chokha. In the 19 C.  Russians saw such a style of dress worn by  the  Cherkesy  (“Circassians”) hence  a caftan with such pockets is called a cherkeska in Russian.

A typical adornment of the Cherkeska are  the pockets sewn unto the breast  to hold the Gazyrs – the small containers for  fire powder and bullets. A full dress will also include a Qama or Kindjal dagger with its belt.

The Choka offered here is a classical one , including innere long shirt and outer heavy coat decorated with 18 wood gazyrs with silver caps. This caftan is coming with authentic Kindjal of good quality. Finely fullered blade and nielloed silver handle and scabbard.  Blade 14 inches (36 cm). Total length of the Kindjal is 19 1/2 inches (49 cm). Also included is the typical belt to hold the kindjal, leather mounted with silver buttons and buckle.

Rare full set of ethnographic authentic costume. Early – Mid 20C.



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