Billao Dagger from Somalia, East Africa

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Origin: Somalia

Date: Early 20C.


The Billao (Some time called Belawa)  is a Somali  Dagger of characteristic asymmetrical leaf shaped blade  and horn or sometimes ivory handle  with pronged pommel (One or three prongs) and a leather or hide scabbard. The Billao was favored by the Dervish movement  that in the very end of the 19 C. attempted to establish a free state in Nugaal valley in east of today Somalia.

The Billao offered here is a good early exemplar of classical asymmetrical blade with shallow central rib. Ivory handle with black horn separators and a single  ivory pommel prong (Very unusual) and finely tooled leather scabbard.

Blade 8 1/2 inches. Total length 16 inches. Very good condition.



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