Big Size Ngombe Sickle Sword

Ngombe Sickle Sword

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Origin: Central Zaire

Date: Early 20C.

These sickle shaped swords were made and traded mainly by the Ngombe people from Central Zaire. Many horrifying tales are related to these swords and their role in execution and beheading of slaves and prisoners of war in ceremonial processing. We do not wish to confirm or deny these tales. In fact, execution of humans in ceremonies were banned in the early 1920’s and victims were replaced with goats or sheep. The real purpose of these swords was to represent the high standing and power of their holders. And it is certainly an impressive sword to do this.

Large sickle shaped 24 inches long very well forged blade. nicely chiseled and engraved. The hilt is wood, two stages type, with the blade base bound with steel strips. Very good condition.

See also: Peter Westerdijk “African Metal Implements – Weapons Tools and Regalia”, Page 29


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