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Bichaq Knife from the Mediterranean Dedicated to St George.

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Origin: East Mediterranean

Date: Late 19 C.


Bichaq is a Turkish name literally means “Knife”. Between the arms ollectors it usually refers to a small knife with silver scabbard and variety of handle materials. The use of Bichaq knives spread all over the area from Central Asia to the Balkan countries.

The Bichaq offered here bears few  Ottoman signs like the circle of weapons chased on the scabbard which is common to the ottoman empire and the monster mouth tip of the scabbard. However  on this Bichaq an image of St. George killing the dragon is chased on one side of the scabbard’s locket and a sailing  ship chased on the other side. Probably  the owner was a seaman from one of the Christian communities under the ottoman empire.

Plain blade, silver handle with delicate repousse work and classical silver locket and chape on the scabbard. Blade 6 1/2 inches. Total length 13 inches. Very good condition. An interesting authentic 19 C. knife.



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