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Beladau – A small Indonesian Jambiya Style Dagger

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Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Date: late 19C.

The Beladau dagger is coming from Sumatra and from Mentawi island. Characterized by a short curved double edged blade. It is the best example of the influence of Arab Jambiya daggers on Indonesian blades.

The Beladau dagger offered here is a small but perfect exemplar. Short curved double edged blade, wood hilt and scabbard with ivory and horn separators and ivory tip. .

Blade 4 1/2 inches. Total length 8 1/2 inches. very good condition.

Provenance: IFICAH International Foundation of Indonesian Culture and Asian Heritage, Hollenstedt (Germany)
For a very similar Beladau see: Albert G. van Zonneveld “Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago”, page 33 Fig 65.


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