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Balkan / Bosnian Yataghan Sword Dated 1220 (1805)

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Origin: Balkan / Bosnia

Date: 1805

Although Yataghan swords are commonly regarded as “Ottoman” they did find ways also far  out of the empire borders. To eastern Europe in the west and as far as India in the east. Yet, most of the Yataghan swords are coming from the borders of the Ottoman empire. Yataghans with big wide ears are commonly regarded as “Balkan”.

The Fine Yataghan offered here is of Balkan origin and may be from Bosnia.   The blade is down curving with inscription in silver inlaid (True inlay) Arabic letters and dated to 1220 in the Islamic calendar (1805 in the Gregorian calendar).

The inscription: عمل حسن صاحبه حسن (Work of Hassan, Owner Hassan)

And another : بقاق الدكرك دلدسحان  (Arabic script but may be Bosnian)

The grips are Ivory with big side ears entirely covered with brass and red inserts and brass nails, Gilded copper grip strap and bolsters set with ribbed coral stones. Original leather covered scabbard with a later replaced iron chape.

Blade 24 inches (61 cm) long. Total length 31 inches (78 cm). Very good condition. Age crack on the right grip. Losses and solder repairs on the bolsters.



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