Authentic Tribal Dagger from Africa

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Origin: East Africa

Date: Early 20 C.

East Africa arms and armor are greatly influenced by several cultures: Arab from the east, Europe and North Africa from the north and Central Africa from the west. This result in a great variety of weapons and blades. Not always accurate identification o f origin and attribution is possible.

This is the case with the dagger offered here. Deeply curved blade with a pronounced central rib, probably a stong influence from the east. Bone handle of good age color engraved with a name inscribed in Latin letters (Owner name ??), an image of a half naked woman carrying a large container on her head and an image of a naked youngster on the grip side. Down facing pommel tips. Steel collar on the handle. Very similar to Hausa daggers fro central – West Africa.

An interesting dagger of mixed cultures but original and authentic. Blade 6 1/2 inches /16 cm. Total length 11 inches / 28 cm. Very good condition. Old repair on the pommel side tip. No scabbard. Authentic and early tribal artefact.


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