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Arab Saif with 17 C. European Blade

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Origin: Arabian Peninsula

Date: 18 C.


A large group of  Arab swords know as “Saif” reminds in a way the Moroccan Nimcha, mainly in the handle construction. The hilt is of unusual design and has a big steel ring forged with the cross guard and the “D” guard. The blades lightly curved and fullered,  are mostly imported European blades extensively traded in the 19 C. to all of the middle east and Africa. these sword are coming from the South Arabian peninsula, Yemen and Oman. Several sources mention that they were produced in the island of Zanzibar in the 19th C.

However, earlier similar swords are also coming from this region. Swords makers were using every available good blades as the case is here. A 17 C. blade probably a secondary use of an early German blade. The blade is straight double edged and fullerd on its entire length. The grip is horn set with silver disks and silver inserts and the cross guard is steel.

Blade 34 inches (86 cm) long, Total length 40 1/2 inches (103 cm). very good condition to age. No scabbard.



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