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A Rare Pakakyun Sword, Kalimantan, Borneo

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Origin: North Borneo

Date: Second half of the 19 C.


The Pakayun is the head hunting  sword of the Murut people, an indigenous ethnic group  inhabiting northern inland regions of Borneo. The Murut people being one of the last to renounced the practice of taking and preserving their enemy’s head.

The Pakayun sword has a slightly curved  blade forged from laminated steel. The handle is hardwood with a classical down pointing forked pommel,  heavy brass plate cross guard and long collar and intricate braided rattan cover on the wood grip. The scabbard is wood  bound with rattan bands.

Blade 26 Inches. Total length 34  inches. few small edge nicks. authentic rare sword.

For a similar sword, see Britsh Museum registration number As1951,04.53.a


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