A Qajar Gold Damascened Armour Set

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Origin: Iran

Date: 19c


Steel works of the Qajar period in Persia (1789 – 1925) are well known for  the quality and high level of decoration.  The tradition combines chiseling, engraving and gold and silver inlay decoration of the steel.

This fine technique is very well demonstrated in this fine Qajar armor set 19c, comprising a steel  helmet (Kula Kud) and a shield  decorated with gold-damascened scrolling foliated tendrils on dense finally  chiseled floral ground, and medallions of thick gold and silver inlay of floral design with a band of calligraphic cartouches, the borders of the  shield with floral forms.

Shield diameter is 18 1/2  inches. Helmet total height 23 inches (with the mail). Very Good plus condition. The inner fabric cover, hand cushion and handles are missing.

A very complete and impressive set.



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