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A Fine Sundang / Moro Keris Sword

Moro Kris Sword

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Origin: Mindanao, Philippines

Date: Late 19C.


Sundang swords, sometimes referred to as Kalis, or Moro sword are most commonly found in Mindanao, Philippines but are also spread around from Malya in the west to Moro Land in the east. All with small variations that make exact identification not easy. The Moro Sundang swords are usually larger and heavier than their Malay sisters.

The one shown here is a 19C. Moro or Kris. Classical Ivory pommel with very nice patina, an unusual arrangement of braided silver wire and chased silver collar over the grips. 5 luk blade with laminated core with one silver clamp to hold the blade tight in the handle. Copper plate cover on the Ganja, Scabbard made of beautiful grained wood.

Blade 20 inches. Total length 26 inches. Very Good condition. A fine and elegant piece.



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