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A Fine Ottoman Silver Mounted Shamshir Sword

Assad Allah Blade

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: Late 18 C early 19C


A fine Turkish silver mounted shamshir sword with heavy curved single-edged blade of finely watered steel of high contrast pattern, inlaid with a gold cartouche with inscription in Persian that read: Banda-yi shah-I vilayet ‘abbas (“Slave of the King of Trusteeship , ‘Abbas”) and Amal-i asad allah (“Work of Asad Allah”). The hilt is composed of horn grips , chased and  gilded silver grip strap and partially gilded and engraved silver cross guard. Leather covered wood scabbard with fine wide spiral stitching seam. The mounts are composed of  large  locket, chape and two bands for the suspension rings,  all finely chased and partially gilded en-suite with the hilt mounts. A long hinged catch engaging the bottom of the hilt is mounted on the locket.

 A note concerning the name of Assad Allah  of Isfahan: His name is associated with the finest watered steel blades in Persia  in the 17th century during the reign of Shah Abbas I . It is not clear weather it was a real name of a swordsmith or a proof mark of finest quality. There are no real history records of such a person. The use of this name to mark the finest blades continued during the  18 and the 19c. It was the most known and famed quality blades both in the east and west.

Blade length 34 inches, total length 40 inches. Perfect condition.  Few small bug bites on the grips on the pommel side.

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