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A Fine Early 19c Kilij saber with Chiseled Blade

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Origin: Ottoman turkey

Date: Early 19C

A very rare and beautiful kilij/pala sword with rare chiseled and gold inlaid blade.

The Kilij is the traditional saber of the Ottomans. It was in use from the early 17 C. and during more than 300 years well into the 20th C. The shorter version with deeply curved wide blade and ‘T’ spine, sometime known as Pala, is a later version and appeared in the mid 18 Century.

This Pala has a blade of 25  inches, well curved and forged from fine steel deeply chiseled calligraphy on  gold background  work on both sides. The hilt of classical form is made of brass cross guard Rhino horn grips and brass grip strap. Total length 3o inches. Very good condition. No scabbard.

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