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A Fine and Unusual Moro Barong Sword

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Origin: Philippines

Date: late 19c


A fine barong sword of the Moro people in south Philippines, late 19 C. Heavy  leaf shaped blades are known to have superior cutting abilities 17 inches long, forged from good steel. Dark Ebony wood grip bound with alternating bands of braided twisted brass wires and brass collar. The long pommel is finely carved in a rather rare and unusual design with ivory inserts.  Total length 24 inches. Very good condition. A fine impressive item.

The Moros were once independent under a variety of local states, including the Sulu Sultanate, the Maguindnao Sultanate , and the Confederation of Lanao withstanding repeated Spanish invasions, the Moro states remained de facto independent up until the Moro rebellion against the American  in the early 20th century.  Upon Philippine independence  in 1946, the Moros continued their struggle for self-determination against a predominantly–Christian Philippines.



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