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A Fine 18 C. Silver Mounted Ottoman Shamshir Sword

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: 18 C.

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Ottoman shamshir swords, the main battle sword of the Ottoman empire is characterized by the deeply curved, wedge cross sectioned blade and pistol grip with bulbous pommel.  The better blades were imported from Iran, mostly forged from crucible steel (Wootz).

The fine Ottoman silver mounted shamshir sword offered here is of classical form, very high quality sword. Long and heavy curved single-edged blade forged from finely crucible steel (Watered steel, Wootz steel) of high contrast pattern. The hilt is composed of R horn grips, bulbous pommel, chased silver grip strap and partially gilded and engraved silver cross guard. Leather covered wood scabbard with large silver locket, chape and two bands for the suspension rings. All silver parts are proof marked. The name of the owner عبيد شازة (Abid Shaza) is marked on the top of the scabbard.

Blade length 34 inches (84 cm), total length 41 inches (104 cm), larger than the more common shamshirs, 34 – 38 inches long. Very good condition. Minor dents on the  silver parts of the scabbard. The long hinged catch engaging the bottom of the hilt is missing. Very impressive fighting sword of quality

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