A Daharia Long Dagger – Short Sword From Hijaz / Asir

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Origin: Saudi Arabia

Date: Late 19 C.


A Jambiya dagger – short sword from south Saudi Arabia from Hijaz or Asir regions. This type of daggers were worn mounted horizontally or semi horizontally on the belt and they are mistakenly attributed to Wahhabi religious movement, but there is no real link to this connection.  These were the common type of long daggers in the Hijaz and Asir regions in the west part of the Arab peninsula along the coastline of the Red Sea. They also seen further south in Tihama  on the red see shores of western Yemen. These long daggers (actually short sword) are also known under the names Daharia and Sabiki.

The long exemplar exhibited here has a good wide flat blade. Horn grips set with silver stars and a triangular silver pommel cap with silver studs.  Wood scabbard with brass mounts (Partially later) and leather cover (also later).

Massive blade 22 1/2 inches (57 cm) long 2 1/2 inches (7 cm) wide. Total length 28 inches (71 cm) . Good condition. Minor pitting on the blade tip. The triangular pommel shape and the silver stars on the handle suggest an early exemplar, may be late 19 C. A real authentic fighting blade.



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