Rare and very fine 18 C. Indian Khanjar with Rock Crystal Handle

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Origin: India

Date: 18 C.

Rock crystal is a transparent variety of the silica mineral quartz that is valued for its clarity and total lack of color or flaws (Britannica). Rock crystal was highly favored at the Mogul court and was used to make a variety of articles both for use and for decorations. Daggers with rock crystals handles where also highly praised.

The Khnajar dagger offered here is 18 C. from the Mogul court with a slightly curved double edge blade forged from fine crucible steel (watered steel, wootz) of fine clear high contrast pattern, a slender central rib, a slightly swollen tip and socketed bolster. The blade is engraved with two Arabic words: عمل محمد Amal Muhamed (Work of Muhamed)

The handle is large flawless rock crystal, waisted and decorated with gadrooned panels as typical to North India daggers. The bottom of the handle extend into the blade bolster.

The use of socketed bolsters in daggers with rock crystals handle was intended to avoid showing the blade tang and spoil the clear appearance of the crystal (See R. Elgood below)

Blade 11 inches (28 cm). Total length 16 inches (41 cm). Very good plus condition. This Khanjar goes with a later made scabbard with steel mounts (Not shown)

See R. Elgood: “Arms & Armor at the Jaipur Court” page 40
For a Kahnjar with a similar rock crystal handle see: R Hales “Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armor”  page 25 Fig 63

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