19C. Whole Steel Indian Kard Knife

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Origin: North India

Date: Late 19 C.


The word “Kard” is originally the Persian word for a knife. In the collectors vocabulary it is referred to large knife, with heavy blade, intend mainly for thrusting. Such thrusting knives were common in all the area from the Balkan in the west to Indo-China in the east, from the early 18 C. and on, and so is the use of the word “Kard”

From India, 19C comes this whole steel  Kard knife. Watered steel (Wootz) blade with clear high contrast patter. Steel handle richly inlaid with gold on the grip and on the bolster. The pommel can be unscrewed to reveal the hollow grip.  

Blade length 9  inches. Total length 14 inches. Very good condition. Very minor losses to the gold work. No scabbard.  Authentic late 19C. Kard knife.



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