19 C. “Scissors” Kattar Dagger

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Origin: India

Date: 19C.


Out of the many kattar forms and shapes, the Scissors kattar may be standing as a very peculiar one. It is also known as Jamadhar Sehlikaneh (Three Bladed Kattar). Two outer blades pivoted at the forte and a central inner blade. By squeezing the transverse handles in the two outer blades are folded apart by a scissor-like mechanism. This creates a kind of fork that can be used to deflect attacks or amplify injuries when the weapon is in use.

The Scissors kattar offered here is a genuine 19 C. dagger (in contradiction to many later 20C, kattars of inferior quality offered to the tourist market). Massive steel construction. It is marked 59 probably an arsenal mark. Two Elephants heads guarding the blade are chiseled on the forte. Blade length8 inches (21 cm). Total length 16 inches (42 cm). Very good condition with original age patina.

An interesting note about these kattars in Charles Buttin collection catalog (see below): “This type of curious weapon was rather manufactured to satisfy European desires than really used by Indian warriors”

Similar kattars are shown in literature in several books. Few for example:

P. Holstein “Armes Orientales” Volume II Plate XVII item 281 Attributed to Central India may be Madras.

Chrles Buttin Collection Catalog” Plate XXIV item 749

G.N.Pant “Indian Arms and Armor” Volume II Plate CXXXII. ┬áDated 18 C. from Delhi



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