19 C. Piha Kaetta Knife – Sri Lanka

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Origin: Sri Lanka

Date: 19 C.

The  “PIHA KAHETTA” knife, the traditional knife of the Sinhalese from Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) basically was not changed in the recent centuries. It comes in variety of dimensions, materials and quality. Blade is down curving or with straight spine. Carved horn or ivory or metal handle and highly decorated blade with  variety of metal inserts. Size vary from 5 to 16 inches (13-55 cm).

The exemplar offered here is a regular size one 10 inches (25cm) long blade with a straight spine. Half of the blade length is inlaid with silver and covered with thick brass and silver bolster. The blade spine is also inlaid with silver flowers. Finely carved horn handle with brass panels and brass pommel plate.

Blade 7 1/2  inches (19 cm). Total length 10 inches (25 mm). Very good condition. Nicely patinated blade . No scabbard.  A genuine 19 C. Piha Kaetta.



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