19 C. “Horned Demon” Helmet Kulah-Khud

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Origin: Persia

Date: 19C.

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The Persian  mythology tells the legend of Rostam a powerful hero who defeated  the  king of all divs (Devils) and thereafter wore a helmet with an image of his victim’s face.  Many later Persian warriors use to wear  similar helmets so as to posses the heroic qualities of Rostam.

This impressive-looking helmet is an 19th century example. The steel dome  depicting the face of a devil with  two horns and another smaller horned devil head mounted on top of the ending in a steel pike.  The dome helmet is chiseled with a dense floral pattern and the eyes and the mustache of the devil face are inlaid in gold.  Along the rim is a broad band of calligraphic script in silver.

Diameter 7 1/2   inches. Total height from the top of the spike to the bottom of the mail aventail 23 inches. Good condition. Minor losses to the gold and silver koftgari work. Minor loses also to the aventail  mail.  A soldered patch is sealing an old hole in the steel.

For a another horned helmet see Pitts Rivers Museum article number 1966.1.1359

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