19 C. Double Blade Bichuwa Dagger

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Origin: North India

Date: 19C.


The Bichuwa or Bichawa  is a dagger with a loop hilt and a narrow dual edged  lightly wavy  blade, sometimes just double  blades.  It is named for its resemblance to the sting of a scorpion, for which the Hindi name is bichuwa. The weapon originated in South India, and as it is being relatively easy to make it rapidly  spread all over the subcontinent,  and was in use well into  the 20th century as a weapon and as a decorative dagger.

The Bichwa dagger offered here is an exemplar with double re-curving blades, mid – late 19 C. from North India. The loop handle is brass, finely engraved.

Blades 9 inches ( 22 cm). Total 13 1/2  inches (34 cm). Very good condition. Good even patina on the blades.  No scabbard.



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