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19 C. Bhutan Stiletto Dagger DOZUM

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Origin: Bhutan

Date: 19C.

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Dozum knives and daggers from Bhutan are a utility knives carried by most men and meant for general purpose task. Few however are styled as stiletto daggers and clearly intended for stabbing and not for general utility work.

The Dozum stiletto style dagger offered here has a thick massive blade of triangular shape and triangular cross section. The blade is fullered and forged from laminated steel. Grip bound with steel wires, Hexagonal brass pommel, wood scabbard bound with rye skin and mounted with large brass locket and chape.

Blade length 11 1/2 inches. Blade thickness 3/8 inches (9 mm). Total length 14 1/2 inches. Very good condition. Authentic and complete 19C. real working dagger.

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