18th Century Khanjarli Dagger

A South Indian Khanjarli from Vizianagram

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Origin: India

Date: 18th Century


The Khanjarli, one of the nicest and sought after dagger in the Indian weaponry. It is characterized by its strongly re-curving blade and wide lunette shaped pommel. The Khanjarli is probably a development from the earlier Chilanum. Egerton in his book Oriental arms and armor suggest that they are originated from Vizianagram in south east India, while Elgood in his book Hindu Arms and rituals suggest it is originally from Orissa because of its massive ivory industry the time. There are few versions to Khanjarli, some appears with a D guard and some without, almost all Khanjarlies come with Ivory handle. This one hasĀ  9 inches re-curved multi-fullered , silver platedĀ  iron guard. The lunette shaped pommel and grips are Ivory, riveted to the tang with four pins and delicate silver rosettes. Original wood scabbard covered with a faded purple velvet and original silver chape. Total length 13 inches. Very good condition, some losses to silver on the D guard.


For a similar example from stone collection now at the Met # 36.25.1064





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