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18 C Ottoman Priming Flask

Ottoman Priming Flask

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Origin: Turkey

Date: 1202 (1787)

Small Powder flasks, usually referred to as Priming Flasks contained fine-grain powder for priming the pans of barrel loaded firearms. Priming flasks are found in all cultures where firearms were used. The construction style and decoration reflects those common to their origin.

The fine small flask exhibit here is Ottoman, It is dated on the cover of the flask aperture to 1202 in the Islamic calendar (1787 in the Gregorian calendar) Whole ivory construction with gilded silver frame and sliding aperture cover. It is decorated with a line of round brass and black horn inserts around the perimeter on both side of the flask, a very common style of decoration found on firearms from the Ottoman empire. 3 ½ X 2 inches. Very good plus condition. A very rare find.


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