17 C. Dagger with Yali Head Handle. Deccan, India

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Origin: Deccan, India

Date: 17 C.


Yali  is a mysterious creature in the Indian mythology, mostly in central and south India. It is found on many art works from the 16 C. and later. It is described as a creature combining features of  lion and/or elephant and/or horse in various combinations and shapes. It is considered to be stronger and more powerful than a lion and a tiger and hence its shape was added to daggers and swords handles.

The dagger offered here  combines a re-curving blade riveted with two rivets  to the leaf shaped langets of the heavy cast bronze  handle. The pommel is shaped as the Yali monster head. The D guard in the shape of a snake tail is extended from the monster open mouth to the cross guard. Deccan. 17 C. or about.

Blade 9 1/2 inches (24 cm). Total length 14 1/2 inches (37 cm). Very good condition. No scabbard. The handle is certainly old. 17 C. The blade may be a bit later



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