17 C. Chillanum Dagger

17 C. Chillanum Dagger

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Origin: South India

Date: 17 C.

The Chillanum dagger is one of the rarest forms of daggers from the Indian arsenal, a member of a class of daggers from the Deccan. Ther Chillanum appeared in the 16 C. It is characterized by the re-curving blade and styled X shaped handle. Daggers in this class may take various shapes but all share the typical re-curving blade.

This one is 17C. from central or south India. 9 1/2 inches re-curving blade. Whole steel handle, grip and pommel buds with spiral ribs and D guard, all inlaid with silver. Total length 14 inches. Very good condition to age. Losses to the silver inlay. A rare and elegant dagger.


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