16 C Whole steel Mughal Dagger

Whole steel Chillanum

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Origin: India

Date: 16-17th century


The most classical dagger in the Indian  arsenal is the curved  whole steel dagger. It appears on miniatures of the maharajahs  wearing it on their royal custom since the 16th century. Elgood in his book on Hindu arms suggest that the origin of this type of daggers is earlier to the 16th century from North India  Rajasthan, and that it was introduced to the Mughal court through the marriage of Maharajah Akbar and other Mughal royals with a Rajaput wives.  Akbar had a policy of matrimonial alliances  with the Hindu Rajputs who gave their daughters or sisters. These Rajputs were made members of his court and their daughters or sisters marriage to a Muslim ceased to be a sign of degradation.  These daggers stayed popular with the Mughal court because of their elegant shape and since they are so well constructed they last longer than other edged weapon.  These daggers appear in few versions of the hilt, the rarer shape is the one with half way D guard . The example shown is from the late 16th century or early 17th, it has 11 inches long blade with central ridge, lotus bud pommel, hilt with the rarer version of stylized D guard. Total  length 15 inches. Very good condition with few forging flaws on the blade.

For similar examples :  Elgood “Hindu Arms and Ritual” page 163 Fig 16.2. Another example is in Stone Glossary, 1934 Page 365 fig 459, No 5, now in the Metropolitan Museum No.36.25.806


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