About Us

Oriental-Arms is a family hobby started more than six decades ago, when Artzi Yarom received from a family member an old dagger fror his fifteenth birthday. This started a collection focusing on Ethnographic Weapons from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Avner Yarom, Artzi’s son was also “infected” and joined the hobby.

Now, after more than sixty years of collecting, we are proud to share our experience with all lovers of Oriental arm and armor. Our goal is to encourage the interest in the collection of antique weapons from Asian and African cultures. Our objective is to provide collectors with fine, clearly identified, correctly defined, and well described items. We will be happy to provide free services for identification of various antique weapons, authentication and appraisal (in such cases that there is no conflict of interest).
Oriental-Arms participates extensively in various forums dealing with antique arms and armor and organizing seminars related to the subject.

Thank you for visiting our site. Your opinion is most important. Please feel free to contact us and let us hear your comments, suggestions and/or other ideas you may have. We are not free from mistakes. We will therefore appreciate your comments and proposed corrections to any wrong definition or description we may have made.