Turkish Military Issue Jambiya Dagger - 14392

This is a military issue dagger in the shape of an old Ottoman Jambiya from the 16 C (Now in the Topkapi palace museum) These daggers were issued in WW 1, part of the attempt to modern the Ottoman army than under the young Sultan Muhammad V. The blade is 8 inches long heavy, curved and double edged. It has the ‘Tughra’ (the royal stamp) of Muhammad V, the moon and star symbol of the Turkish army, a date 33 (standing for 1330, 1911 in the Gregorian calendar) and a serial number 2707 in Arabic figures. On the other side of the blade is a long quote from the Koran. The hilt and scabbard are brass chased in the style of the original dagger. Original leather belt attachment. Total length 15 inches. Very good condition.