Very Fine Ceremonial Knife from Bali, Indonesia - 7782

This fine piece is coming from Bali, Indonesia. It is a ceremonial knife, with some resemblance to the Wdung Knife ( also coming from Bali). The 9 inches blade is short compared to the scabbard length, quite heavy and finely decorated with brass inlays and with a styled brass monster finely chiseled on the spine. The handle is carved horn with a big brass collar. The long scabbard is wood finely carved at its mouth and painted red and gold. The front side of the scabbard is covered with a tortoise shell panel. Total length (in scabbard) 27 inches. Excellent condition. A fine piece of quality. For a similar piece, see Albert G van Zonneveld Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago, page 74, Fig 287.

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